So my first review from the February Glossy box is for the Vitamasques amazing Manuka Honey face mask.

I have always been a fan of face masks so was extremely happy to see one in this box.. especially one that I haven’t tried before. Upon opening the packaging you get a really lovely scent. The mask itself is a sheet mask which is very soft and moist with plenty of serum on it.

The instructions say to wash and cleanse your face before putting on the sheet mask for 20 minutes.. so this is what I done. The fitting was brilliant. I often find with sheet masks they are far too large for my face and fall off.. but this wasn’t the case with Vitamasques. So.. 20 minutes pass and I take the mask off, pat the remaining serum into my face as instructed and off we go.

My skin has never felt so fresh and as soft as it did after applying this sheet mask. I will definitely be purchasing some more of these as after doing some research they have plenty more to try.. with acai berry, tea tree and pomegranate for just £3.99 each or a box of 4 for just £12.99.

K xo

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