so yesterday marked the first birthday of my new lips.. 1 whole year ago, I went to a wonderful woman named Sheila for lip fillers. This occurred after about a year of umm’ing and arr’ing and a long chat with Sheila at my consultation.

During my consultation we discussed what I wanted from the lip fillers and also the pro’s and con’s. Sheila kindly told me all about the risks of my Juvederm fillers which worried me a little but she also assured me that should any of the happenings occur she would know and help me with dealing with them. For example there may be a lot of bruising or the fillers could possibly become lumpy etc. Even after all the scary stuff I was sold… so there I was booking an appointment two weeks later to have 0.5ml put into my lips.

1st March 2016 comes around and I’m SOOOOO excited! I get to her beauty rooms and I’m scared, nervous, excited – all the feeling are going on!

I get there and because luckily I know Sheila, I’m put at ease straight away – shes chatting away and then comes the numbing cream. We keep talking for a little while until my lips are numb and then I lay on the bed. Ready and waiting, I shut my eyes!! I cannot stand needles and its pretty daunting seeing the needle there in her hands.

A few prods and pokes later.. the last few I really begin to feel but it isn’t painful it’s more of a pinching sensation. They end up like this….


I was so happy and pleased with the results.. I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating lip fillers to go and have a consultation..

If you are in Northampton, contact Sheila at Radiance Therapy Rooms.

K ox


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