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We Wake Up & Make Up!

So like most of us in the mornings, I wake up, shower and get ready for the day ahead! Starting with Body Shop’s vitamin E cleanser and toner I begin my daily skincare and make up routine.

Fresh faced – I moisturize with the La Roche-Posay toleriane ultra and use the one and only Balance Me beauty primer that I spoke about in my last post. Skin prepped and I’m ready to go!

To start off with out comes the Estee Lauder doublewear in 2W1 Dawn, then concealer under my eyes! Topped with Rimmel’s stay matte pressed powder and my Smashbox contour kit! Getting ready in the mornings is one of my favourite things!

Some people complain how much make-up girls may wear, and moan about how long it may take us, but I find it absolutely incredible what a girl can do with her make-up. I spend time watching Vloggers doing their make up and find myself on instagram looking at 100’s of girls looks for ideas of how I may try my make up each day. My personal opinion on make up is that if you can wear it and make yourself feel more confident then why not? I take approximately 30 mins to do my make up on a daily basis with that time increasing considerably if I’m getting ready for a big night out! My make up collection started as such a tiny little collection with your bog standard foundation, powder and mascara and that would be it. I now have a make up trunk full and still to this day I continue to buy new make up on a weekly basis.

So continuing with my routine, I’ve cleanser, I’ve toned, I’ve moisturized, I’ve primed and I have put my face on. Now for the eyes.. in the above picture it does my eyebrows great justice because naturally they are extremely light! It drives me mad (so much I am considering having semi-permanent make up so that you can see them without drawing them on) I have always used a Rimmel Eyebrow pencil but recently I have came across the AMAZING NYX Tame & Frame “tinted brow pomade” in the shade of ‘brunette’ and I could not imagine using anything else. It goes on so easily and smooth and makes my brows look unbelievable. I mean just look at them ❤
At the minute for my day to day look, I use a Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette and the amazing Soap and Glory ‘Thick & Fast’ Mascara, finally my lips – I have approximately 80 different shades of lip gloss, lip sticks and lip liners, ranging from your day to day nudes, your vibrant pinks and purples and the fiery reds.

And here goes the finished product for today –

So if wearing make up makes you feel good about yourself and gives you the confidence that it does then who says how long it should take you, or how much you should wear? If you wear it for yourself and you wear it to make YOU feel better that is exactly what its there for ❤

Thanks for reading, K ox


Happy Birthday to My Lips

so yesterday marked the first birthday of my new lips.. 1 whole year ago, I went to a wonderful woman named Sheila for lip fillers. This occurred after about a year of umm’ing and arr’ing and a long chat with Sheila at my consultation.

During my consultation we discussed what I wanted from the lip fillers and also the pro’s and con’s. Sheila kindly told me all about the risks of my Juvederm fillers which worried me a little but she also assured me that should any of the happenings occur she would know and help me with dealing with them. For example there may be a lot of bruising or the fillers could possibly become lumpy etc. Even after all the scary stuff I was sold… so there I was booking an appointment two weeks later to have 0.5ml put into my lips.

1st March 2016 comes around and I’m SOOOOO excited! I get to her beauty rooms and I’m scared, nervous, excited – all the feeling are going on!

I get there and because luckily I know Sheila, I’m put at ease straight away – shes chatting away and then comes the numbing cream. We keep talking for a little while until my lips are numb and then I lay on the bed. Ready and waiting, I shut my eyes!! I cannot stand needles and its pretty daunting seeing the needle there in her hands.

A few prods and pokes later.. the last few I really begin to feel but it isn’t painful it’s more of a pinching sensation. They end up like this….


I was so happy and pleased with the results.. I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating lip fillers to go and have a consultation..

If you are in Northampton, contact Sheila at Radiance Therapy Rooms.

K ox