So I must admit.. up until about 6 months ago I would never use a primer when I was doing my face.. I mean, it’s just another thing to do whilst getting ready isn’t it? and is it really necessary? (I can see some of you shaking your head as you read that first few lines and so am I as I type)

Well lets start with why a primer is so important – primer preps your skin by sealing and smoothing out all those pores and filling in all those fines lines we all develop along the way. Putting it on before your foundation helps smooth your face helping your foundation to look silky smooth and last longer throughout the day. And there is plenty to choose from..

There are primers to suit everyone’s budget – from just £3.49 all the way up to £72 and I’m sure it continues. At the minute I am using my Balance Me Instant Lift Primer at £22 for a 15ml that you can purchase from Balance Me Website (here) or John Lewis, Marks and Sparks, etc.

check out my little design there *haha* so with this primer directions just state that you should “Smooth directly onto areas of concern, using gentle patting motions, after moisturising and before applying make‑up.” So this is what I do.. and it feels amazing!! its lovely and thick but not too thick and it smells delightful. So after I’ve applied this primer I leave it to dry for a moment before applying my foundation.

I’ve found since using this primer my make up stays on much longer and also my skin looks 100% smoother. I would definitely recommend using a primer.

Thanks for reading, K ox

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