Month: March 2017

Those 5 Extra Minutes to Better Looking Skin

So I must admit.. up until about 6 months ago I would never use a primer when I was doing my face.. I mean, it’s just another thing to do whilst getting ready isn’t it? and is it really necessary? (I can see some of you shaking your head as you read that first few lines and so am I as I type)

Well lets start with why a primer is so important – primer preps your skin by sealing and smoothing out all those pores and filling in all those fines lines we all develop along the way. Putting it on before your foundation helps smooth your face helping your foundation to look silky smooth and last longer throughout the day. And there is plenty to choose from..

There are primers to suit everyone’s budget – from just £3.49 all the way up to £72 and I’m sure it continues. At the minute I am using my Balance Me Instant Lift Primer at £22 for a 15ml that you can purchase from Balance Me Website (here) or John Lewis, Marks and Sparks, etc.

check out my little design there *haha* so with this primer directions just state that you should “Smooth directly onto areas of concern, using gentle patting motions, after moisturising and before applying make‑up.” So this is what I do.. and it feels amazing!! its lovely and thick but not too thick and it smells delightful. So after I’ve applied this primer I leave it to dry for a moment before applying my foundation.

I’ve found since using this primer my make up stays on much longer and also my skin looks 100% smoother. I would definitely recommend using a primer.

Thanks for reading, K ox

It’s all about the March beauty box ♥

So March is here… does anyone else think this year is going wayyyy too quickly?! It was Christmas a few weeks ago right?!

Anyway with a new month comes a new Glossybox and Birchbox and what better than them turning up on the same day?!

Now let’s start with the Birchbox. March’s edition come in a simple but beautiful box..


And it comes with:

  • Batiste 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner full size RRP £4.49
  • Balance Me, instant lift primer. Full size RRP £22
  • Korres, Santorini vine shower gel. Full size RRP £8.00
  • Marcelle, gentle make-up remover exclusive to Birchbox. Full size RRP £14.50
  • A gorgeous fabric Birchbox branded cosmetic bag with the words ‘best day ever’
  • and last but not least.. my favourite product of this box! Benefit, they’re real! Double the lip in Lusty Rose. Full size RRP £16.50!

This box is literally a beauty essential box, full of samples you would definitely need! I’m yet to find a primer I like to it’s great I’ve got this lush little Balance Me primer included.. and so far so good! Putting it on before my foundation it’s been working wonders.. my face looks smooth and my foundation goes on much better.

Then there’s the stunning Benefit double the lip.. this month we got to chose what colour we wanted between Pink Thrills and Lusty Rose.


I went for the Lusty Rose and I’m sooooo glad.. just look at that colour!!! With this lipstick working as both a lip liner and a lipstick what more could you want! With a darker shade on top and a lighter shades base it works wonders. It’s got a semi-Matte finish and can last up to 8 hours it’s the perfect lipstick to keep in your handbag!!! ♥

I’ve always been a huge fan of Batistes dry shampoo, I mean who doesn’t love having this amazing product which means you don’t have to wash your hair EVERYDAY!!  And especially when it comes in so many gorgeous smelling flavours..


I’ve always been a big fan of cherry, tropical and blush and they are definitely my go to brand when I buy a dry shampoo.. but they’ve not released their invisible dry shampoo and conditioner and in this months Birchbox I received the vanilla and passionflower scent and it is delightful.. almost makes you want to eat your hair! Haha. But at the moment I know you can buy two other scents, cocoa & cashmere and also orange & pomegranate! It Boots a 200ml bottle is just £4.49 , I would definitely recommend Batiste ♥

if you want to try Birchbox out for yourself – why not subscribe here..

Next up is the Glossybox.. coming in a stunning pink box, you open it up to a little package all wrapped up in pink paper and tied with a little black bow.. when you get inside your greeted by your 5 beauty products on black shredded tissue paper giving it a real glamorous look… as you can see below.

inside this little beauty comes..

  • A full size oOlution, eye love. a 100% natural formula that is hydration and rich in antioxidants. This is worth £30 by itself making the £10 glossy box subscription fee so worth the money.
  • A full size sleek eye and cheek palette in ‘all day soiree’ which contains 4 eye shadows and 2 cheek colours. RRP £10
  • This Works ‘in transit camera close-up’ primer. Full size product worth £30.
  • Figs & Rouge, hydra-activ smart nutrient vital moisture day cream. a lightweight long lasting hydration for your face. Full size product worth £28
  • Last but not least.. we have a full sized Crabtree & Evelyn, somerset meadow hand therapy cream. worth £6.

I am yet to try any of these products.. so will update you all as soon as I do!!

If you wish to subscribe to Glossybox you can do so here..

Thank you for reading

K xo

Pamper Night..

so tonight I’m having a little pamper night… I have my new Avon Planet Spa volcanic Iceland face mask and my Milk and Bamboo Vinegar peel foot mask!


So let’s start with the facemask.. following instructions I apply to wet skin and massage in for one minute. It’s a warm masking so as I’m massaging my face is so warm! It almost makes me feel sleepy. After massaging in I leave on for a short time and then rinse off with warm water . My skin feels refreshed and smooth but still a little warm.


Next up my feet mask, I’d actually seen a post about these particular ones on a Facebook beauty q&a page and I was intrigued. So of course I do what every other person does, I jump on google and see what it has to say…

“A special foot mask with skin smoothing and moisturising ingredients to get rid of coarse, dull and dead skin on your feet.”

sounds promising, I then continue on to watch YouTube videos!! And wow are they satisfying.. this is a picture of what these feet masks do…


Now this might not look so appealing but a foot mask that contains ingredients that can peel away the dead skin on your feet. I had to give it a go!

So I follow instructions.. soak your feet for 10-20 mins beforehand in warm water, dry off your feet and place on the socks. Wrap your feet in cling film and leave on for 90 – 120 mins…

im currently 1 hour in and I’ve put my usual socks on over the top too because who can realistically sit still for that long? Anyone that knows me will know not me! Haha.

I will keep them on for another hour and then rinse in warm water, dry then moisturise before bed!

It tells me they can take 7 – 15 days for the peeling to be complete.. Will update you all in as it goes!!

Thanks for reading

K xo

February Birchbox ♥

So just like my Glossybox, in February I also subscribed to the monthly Birchbox. In this wonderful little box I received it contained the following ;-

  • Keeome hydration sheet mask – priced at £12.50 each or £65 for a pack of six.
  • Pop Beauty sample of their stunning palette in Naturally Bare – full size product RRP £15.50
  • Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour brush. – worth £4.99
  • SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray – full size product RRP £30.00
  • Beaver Professional daily moisture conditioning spray – full size product RRP £11.50
  • and finally because it was my first box I received a Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in shade Now Kith – RRP £21.00

so here it goes.. straight away I’m a HUGE fan of a good sheet mask, so off comes the make up and on goes the mask.

Now when I first opened the packaging, I wasn’t entirely sure on the scent coming from the pack. I can’t explain it properly but the only thing I can say is all I could think of was trees *haha* but the mask itself was plentiful moist and had A LOT of serum. The packaging states its “100% Vegan and not tested on animals” so great for everyone! After the 25 minutes as instructed on the packaging I take it off and rinse my face with warm water. My face feels smooth and extremely hydrated.

Now I would say that this Keeome face mask is definitely an amazing mask to use and I would probably use it again..but for I would say this is a bit pricey. Overall I would rate this an 8/10,

Next up is the Smith & Cult lip lacquer worn today to work as shown in the picture. This is one of the best lip glosses I have ever used and would 100% buy some of the other shades that are available in their range! The texture is great, thick but not sticky at all and just look at that nude colour! This is actually an American brand but can be purchased from the likes of beauty bay, cult beauty and John Lewis etc.

More reviews on the rest of the products later on this weekend!! and if you wanted to subscribe to birchbox yourself you can do so here…

Thanks for reading, K xo

Happy Birthday to My Lips

so yesterday marked the first birthday of my new lips.. 1 whole year ago, I went to a wonderful woman named Sheila for lip fillers. This occurred after about a year of umm’ing and arr’ing and a long chat with Sheila at my consultation.

During my consultation we discussed what I wanted from the lip fillers and also the pro’s and con’s. Sheila kindly told me all about the risks of my Juvederm fillers which worried me a little but she also assured me that should any of the happenings occur she would know and help me with dealing with them. For example there may be a lot of bruising or the fillers could possibly become lumpy etc. Even after all the scary stuff I was sold… so there I was booking an appointment two weeks later to have 0.5ml put into my lips.

1st March 2016 comes around and I’m SOOOOO excited! I get to her beauty rooms and I’m scared, nervous, excited – all the feeling are going on!

I get there and because luckily I know Sheila, I’m put at ease straight away – shes chatting away and then comes the numbing cream. We keep talking for a little while until my lips are numb and then I lay on the bed. Ready and waiting, I shut my eyes!! I cannot stand needles and its pretty daunting seeing the needle there in her hands.

A few prods and pokes later.. the last few I really begin to feel but it isn’t painful it’s more of a pinching sensation. They end up like this….


I was so happy and pleased with the results.. I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating lip fillers to go and have a consultation..

If you are in Northampton, contact Sheila at Radiance Therapy Rooms.

K ox